10 Lettering Artists That Inspire Me

Hi friends, if you’re at the beginning of your hand‑lettering journey, searching for inspiration or maybe you just like looking at pretty lettering compositions and learning a bit about the process. Either way, this guide will help you to know about the ten best lettering artists that I get inspiration from almost everyday! :)

NO. 1
From learning about having a ‘passion project’ to talking about your work and putting it out there, this multi talented lettering artist has inspired me over five years. She’s my go‑to instagram artist if I need to get some inspiration on food lettering especially! She definitely tops my list of the artists for inspiration! You need to check out her passion projects ‑ all of them!
NO. 2
Back in 2016 when I graduated from college as a graphic designer, I used to read about a famous designer who designed logos for leading brands in the world by hand‑lettering! Since then I knew that she’s going to be an inspiration for me. If you haven’t seen her Penguin book covers, then you’re missing out on something in life :)
NO. 3
She’s probably the first lettering artist anyone will know about on Instagram because of her crazy wall murals with a mix of letters and illustrations. From having her work on Times Square to Nike, she’s painted murals for all of them ✨
NO. 4
I am obsessed with his type, with his handwritten letters everywhere from shop shutters to billboards in NYC. He’s a perfect inspiration for someone looking to develop their own unique style. I started following him back then when he had worked with Jessica Walsh on 40 days of dating! Oh you gotta check that out 😍
NO. 5
Want to learn about layouts and perfecting your hand skills by hand before digitising them? Check out her work. Although she doesn’t share much of her personal life or her face, I still keep checking her profile to see if she’s put out something new and believe me, every post is made to perfection ✨ Oh and her compositions are all black and white! Isn’t that amazing?
NO. 6
He’s obviously a legend! I cannot think of any surface where he’s not lettered. From toilet pots to walls to a car, he’s lettered on them all! I think he made the concept of lettering on a photograph famous. I have always looked up to him and how well he’s built his clients! Go check out his 30 days of bible lettering or just go and count the number of mediums he can do lettering in 😉
NO. 7
Ever since she worked on a project with Jessica Walsh about lettering on vintage pictures, I was a fan! Her pieces are so varied yet so amazing! Her magazine covers and book covers are lovely so add to your board of inspiration.
NO. 8
I stumbled upon her while looking for inspiration for food compositions and her posts of food lettering and mixing them with illustrations blew my mind! If you’re someone starting procreate, she has some great tricks and tips! Her colour palettes are also my favourite thing to take inspiration from!
NO. 9
She’s going to be your best friend if you’re starting out procreate and a small lettering business. I love the mini reels she shares called as Lettering 101. I found her during lockdown and she may have made me hooked on to procreate (for good). She has some lovely hand lettered products and worksheets too.
NO. 10
Her pastel palettes for lettering compositions are every artists dream (atleast mine for sure). Her feed is a pop of inspiration that I want to look at every time I am having a creative block! She has some really cool merch that I always obsess about like the ‘professional overthinker’ one. If you have an OCD about your feed looking good, she is surely someone you need to follow! 😉