5 Apps for your Creative Self

Over the years I have been experimenting with quite a few different apps for my lettering and digitisation and ofcourse for editing my process videos. Even though it’s easy to stick with what you feel comfortable using, I often like to experiment with something new! While the below ones are easily accessible, theres a lot of alternative options easily available :)

1. Pinterest: This has to be my go-to app for everything - from finding inspiration to looking out for lettering layouts and sometimes even some colour palettes. I love stumbling upon some new artists who put up their designs as well! Also, if you're someone who loves watercolour, theres an entire universe of super nice inspiration available. I have a board for travel inspo, food inspo, as well as for lettering layouts or posts I could make in future! (Even an entire board for interiors and dream spaces haha)
2. Splice: While there's tonnes of alternative options available, I love this app because of how easy its interface is! I used to use the in-built Apple app iMovie for the longest time but I realised that working on 4k video is an entire headache on it! Splice works super fast in loading 4k videos and it hepls me even compress or export the videos in different qualities! 
3. Hyperlapse: Hyperlapse is mostly useful if you like making time lapse videos of your work or your process. I usually prefer this over the in-built app for apple 'Time-Lapse' because it helps me adjust the time or speed of the hyperlapse. It has variations from 1x to 12x 
4. Procreate: I loveee drawing on this app! From illustrating to lettering, its so easy to get a hang of this app! Added benefit is the variety of online brushes available for different kind of medium - watercolour to charcoal to nib pens! (This is only useful if you have an apple pencil and an ipad)
5. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop: As a trained graphic designer it was obvious that I learn these softwares in college! While they aren't the easiest, they are obviously the best and nothing can replace them! Also the best for vectorising your letters for making your own typeface or simply working on large canvases for prints!