5 Black pens that are a must:

The most important hand lettering tool that you need is a pencil. I always prefer using a pencil first to sketch out before I trace out my final piece with a pen. Sometimes when I just don’t want to waste time using a colour, I go ahead and use just plain black pen for finishing my artwork. Black pens come in a variety of sizes and range. I prefer using pens with thick nibs (like sketch pens) to colour inside my letters and pens with thin nibs for drawing details and embellishments. But here are my top 5 Favourites:

    1. Micron Pens (0.8 &0.5):

      This has to be my most favourite pen easily. It costs like 100 per pen and It’s ideal for creating outlines and doesn't bleed through paper easily. 

    2. Sharpie Liner Pens:
      This is one of the best sellers in hand lettering supplies. The pen is small and effortless to manage. More importantly, it can create beautiful lettering. It comes in various lively colors, so it's also perfect for coloring and filling in sketches. Buy it HERE. If you start using this one I can guarantee you will forget all possible pens! Its nib is super smooth and grip comfortable.

    3. Brustro:
      I use this pen all the time to draw my letters. Its very smooth and doesn’t bleed through paper easily as well. It has been my travel buddy because of the spill proof ink.These pens don’t bleed and the best thing is that they come in sizes from 0.1 mm to 0.8mm which makes it super easy to use for all kinds of work - from filling in colour to adding little detail in your letters. 

    4. Sakura Micron Pens:
      This Micron set is nice! They are super good for drawing lettering or outlining them and adding details. I think we all are super familiar with these pens because these are the first drawing pens that I was introduces to as well. 

    5. Stabilo: 
      Although I use it mostly for writing but its good for sketching letters as well. Super smooth and good for touching up and giving precision to your letters.