5 things you must know before painting a mural

5 things you must know before painting a mural 

 Painting a mural seems like an easy task, but even a tiny mistake is clearly visible when you take the mural's size into consideration. But don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered. You can blindly follow these steps and just focus on the design, to get the perfect, praiseworthy mural. But beware, because you will have a vast increase in your fanbase, are you ready for that?

  1. Clean Surface

Before beginning any mural, you need a clean surface, so make sure there’s no dust, residual paint from a prior project, any mould, rust etc. Also, it should be completely dry. All these factors define how the colours look during the grand finale, their brightness, and so on. 

  1. Transfer method

There are two ways to do this :

  • You can use a transfer method 
  • Print out your design and turn it over, then rub the pencil or charcoal on the back of the design. Once this is done, stick it to the surface and trace over it. 

  • Using a projector
  • This is usually for large scale artworks. But this may not be preferred while working outdoors 

    1. Masking tape is your best friend 

    If you have difficulty in drawing the straight lines you incorporated in your design, masking tape solves this problem in an instant. Keep them handy, to also get the perfect edges while drawing a letter.

    1. Use Paper Cups

    Use paper cups to mix the paints, this will save your tubs of paints from getting diluted and eventually wasted. Also, a great way to avoid any paint mishaps.

    1. Paint Touches: When you are painting on a textured surface, paint in the direction of the surface, this will aid in filling all the gaps and making sure there are no white spaces, making the art piece look more complete.

    Happy Tip : Sign your name, you famous human. The most underrated step of all time. I believe when you create something, take credit for it. 

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    Author : Bhavna Ahuja