All about my Pens

So anyone who has been seeing my posts will know I am a BIGGG TIME stationery hoarder and thats why I have my own stationery store (Ninegram)! Pens, paper, diaries, accessories, stick notes, you name it, I have it. I get a lot of queries about what pens to start with and where to buy these in India! Heres a list of my favourite brush pens (cheap and expensive) that you can get in India/USA and are fab to start lettering with!

To write big letters -

1. Tombow Dual Brush Pen - They are amazing for beginners and come in a variety of colors! They are superb for blending. Although I find their tip too big - hence the stroke size is big too. The good thing about them is that they also have a fine tip on the other end, which helps me refine my strokes and write otherwise also! The elasticity or the ability of its tip to go back to its normal position is good. Buy them at Sitaram, Delhi/Art station Andheri and online HERE

2. Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush pens - These pens are my favourite especially the black one. I like that the stroke size is not too big, not too small. Although the tip gets frayed easily if used on cheap quality paper. The size of the pen is like a regular writing pen so gives a great grip. It also bounces back to its normal position easily.

A secret about this pen, the nib is reversible. So after the nib gets frayed, you can pull out the nib, reverse it and put it back! The pen will be as new as ever! Buy them at Sitaram, Delhi or any local stationery now and online HERE

3. Zig Kuretake Brushables - They are really good if you want to write big words again since the stroke size is big. They come in really good colors, and each pen has brush tip on both sides. So basically when you buy one you are getting two colors together. They do not bleed easily on cheap paper (on even bond sheets). The elasticity of the tip is just the best! They are sold loose usually so that a big bonus! Buy them at Sitaram, Delhi for 250/180 each and online HERE

4. Add Gel Brush Pens: The best 'Desi' pens that you will find! They just cost Rs 150/box and thats what I give in my workshops too. They come in 11 different colors and have a tip on both ends. One side is a brush pen and other is a regular felt-tip. Its superb for a beginner and is good for blending. The best part is that the tip doesn't get frayed even on cheap paper. They brush tip is very fine, although it creates big strokes so I typically end up writing 2-3 words on one A4 paper only (same with Tombow and Zig Brushables) Definitely recommended for beginners. Easily available in any stationery shop and you can order online HERE

5. Camlin Artist Brush Pens - Starting using these recently and oh so lovely! They are the most easily available pens in India now and I know of some lettering artists who swear by these! They come in a set of 12 for I think Rs.195 and the grip isn't too bad! It might bleed on cheap paper but works well on ivory/cartridge sheets. The nib is soft to write with and they have some really cool colors! You can find them at any local stationery shop easily and you can order the big bumper pack online HERE!

6. KOI Brush Pens - Super smooth and super amazing. Very nice for beginners and comes in a set of 12 for typically 1000 rupees or so! I love how nicely they give the watercolour effect. Good for making big strokes and very good for scrapbooking because it has some nice light colours!

7. Artline STIX - They are super amazing, especially for basics practise. They give a nice watercolour effect when the tip of the pen is pressed a little hard and the pressure is decreased gradually. I would suggest you to only buy these if you have someone coming in from USA or from since they are expensive in India.

To write Small size letters -

1. Tombow SOFT/HARD nib - My most favourite pens. I have used them way too much so I can tell you they are the best thing to invest in if you are looking at getting better at your lettering! These are the pens I give at my intermediate session as well. Buy them at Sitaram, Lajpath/ Art Station Andheri or at my amazon store HERE.

2. Tombow Monotwin - Also very very nice to write small with. Comes in two colours on a single pen. Will last you really long andgood for basics as well as intermediate practise. Buy them at Sitaram, Lajpath or HERE.

3. Pentel Brush pens - They are quite a hype on instagram for a while but I am not sure if I am particularly very fond of them! Dont buy them in India, they are way too expensive. Get them from USA or Japan! or from